All blogs start somewhere

My blog still needs direction, but starting a project is the quickest way to clarity.

It has been hard for me to start writing in my writing projects. Planning writing is easier than actually writing, but planning becomes so frustrating without action!

I have an idea of what I want, and the way to the next want is to act on the first want. Do you see what I mean? If I act on the first thing, the second thing becomes clearer. My plans can unfold because of an action. One plan, one action, then one more plan and one more action, ad infinitum. And I do hope it’s an infinite list, because I do love my work.

The unknowns, ideas, and parameters are usually fun to puzzle out once I get started. But I’ve been afraid that I would just keep going through my mistakes, or act on a plan that wasn’t accurate. THAT is what stops me from writing: the fear of saying the wrong thing. Rather than saying anything wrongly, I opted to say nothing.

Now, I am saying something.

And that is my first post.