Beautiful Northern Sea Oats
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I miss all green.

I have a long history of living with plants but not being directly responsible for them. So my experience in 2020 has taught me that plants are not magical thrivers, but that Mom and Grandma took great care of theirs while I just enjoyed the green.

I’d better take some care, and get that enjoyment back.

These Northern Sea Oats had a happy 2020 although potted indoors, and even though our kitties LOVE to chew its leaves. But now the oats have been trying to come back since January, and the kits won’t let it get above an inch of growth.

Mark and I tried Ssscat (a motion-sensing air spray) as a cat deterrent, and it did protect the plant against frontal assaults. But now the kits have figured out how to jump into the pot from the higher perches of their cat tree. The poor plant didn’t stand a chance. It looks worse, today, than it does in this picture from a few days ago.

Plants have generally struggled in our home, and we aren’t sure what our next attempt will be. So I reached out to my plant group, and they gave suggestions for pet-safe plants that could survive in a north-facing window sill that is frequented by three relentless kitties.

I’m now considering all manner of peperomia, as well as a few others whose names escape me at the moment but which I have on a list. I’ve become one of those people who have a list. The list of plants I want to adopt is considerably longer than the list of pets I want to adopt, so I think we have a chance of keeping most of the greenery happy.

Poor ol’ Sea Oat! I’ll start over with those when we have a yard. It is a wonderful plant, and I miss its beautiful self!

A brief history of my favorite plant's short life.

Durn kits!