Sunny day on a summer camping trip

Random Things vs Chosen Things

Adding wintery weather to COVIDtime has shown me that my default entertainments are not very filling. Boredom or NothingToDo have become cues for me to seek distraction.

I started this day in exactly that way, jumping right into some admittedly-lovely nothingness on Netflix and staying there for nearly two episodes of things that were interesting but not personally engaging. Finally, I realized how bored I was with watching other people live their dreams while I sat on my couch.

Life offers a full meal, even when I’m not covering my plate with things that matter. Since an overall meaningful lifestyle is vital to my personal wellbeing, I recently decided that I would make the effort to be more intentional, everyday.

I need more meat, more meaning in my doing.

So, to recalibrate my intentions, this morning, I turned to scripture, prayer, and a mindfulness practice. That combination enhances my sense of Me in Now, Me in Context. And my heightened self-awareness intensifies my sense of what I want to explore. I don’t want to be distracted. I want to be engaged. And so I’m choosing instead of floating.

For me, that means focusing on fewer things but with greater attention.

Last month, I put away some side hobbies that I’m currently less passionate about.

I put away some projects that have less long-term effect and can wait for another season.

I put aside some ideas that were distracting me from my current explorations of interest.

Mark and I even put our beloved camping gear into storage (although within very easy reach—spring is around the corner)!

I’ve been brushing up on basic French, and am happy with how much I progressed. I have enjoyed focusing on it, and treating it like a lifestyle. As of this morning, I have now switched to learning Italian for the first time. I’ve thought for some days about making this change, and it feels like a fair time to do so. Relearning some French has reminded me how to learn languages, trained my ability to focus, and I feel confident in trying something new. Also: Sunny mediterranean skies and a balmy breeze would hit the spot, right now. I would settle for the beautiful south of France, but Italy extends even further into warmth, so I’m all there in spirit.

I’m writing instead of watching.

I’m watching intentionally instead of by default.

I’m listening for inner cues about my deeper needs, my deeper wishes.

Lunch calls. Deeply.

I’m going.

Side Note: One of our new interns is really great at holding things down, but she keeps chewing on paper as it comes out of the printer. She’s currently snoring a soft, kitten purr.